Simple and Free Access to the New Music Underground.

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What is it?

UndergroundMusic.fm enables people to easily play and share underground music in the cloud. By “underground”, we mean the New Music Underground, which is the explosion of new music resulting from millions of technologically empowered artists around the world.

There's always been a music underground and it's always been the source of innovation; blues, jazz, rock, metal, punk, hip-hop, electronic... but the New Music Underground has its own recording capability, can be accessed through the cloud, and has more participants and energy than before.

UndergroundMusic.fm was built for the New Music Underground and delivers its benefits:

  • A pure and open flow of music and ideas.

  • A direct connection between listeners and artists.

  • Music without the costs, consumption limits, territory restrictions, or repetitiveness found in mainstream music outlets.

The music is uploaded by artists in a continuous flow and curated by the community. It can be filtered by genre, tags, location, social activity, and in many other ways. It’s cloud-based, so there are no files to download or manage and can be used on any web-enabled mobile device, desktop, or home theater.

How does it work?

  • It's cloud-based. Use it on any device at any time.

  • It has a simple click and play interface. Click on any song image to play. Songs will continue to play like a radio.

  • You can also play, pause, skip, and shuffle songs with the controller.

  • Sign up for a free account or login with Facebook to save favorites and make playlists.

  • Share songs, artists, and playlists through Twitter, Facebook, and Email.

  • Visit artists through their links. You can also tip artists you like.

  • Read the FAQ to learn more.