What is UndergroundMusic.fm?
UndergroundMusic.fm provides simple and free access to the New Music Underground. Learn more on the About page.
Why do artists offer music for free?
Artists use free music as a means of promotion.
Do I have to download anything?
UndergroundMusic.fm is cloud-based so there are no files to download or manage and it can be used on any web-enabled mobile device, desktop, or home theater.
How do I discover music I like?
You can find the music you like by using the genre menu and the many filters (Trending, Newest, etc.) across the top of the discover page. The filters work within each genre. For example, you could select "Trending Hip Hop", or "Newest Indie Rock", or "Electronic Near You", etc.
How do I make a playlist?
  • Click on the panel button (upper right) and then click on the "Playlist" tab.
  • Click "Create New Playlist" and give your playlist a name. Click "Save".
  • Add songs to your playlists by dragging song pictures onto your playlist titles. Click on the playlist title to load your playlist. Click "Edit" to further manage your playlist.
How do I change my account settings?
Login and click on your name/email in the upper right corner to update your account settings.

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