1. Sat, 13 Aug 2016 08:46:55 GMT
    She's Always High - Arthurus Özkan
    By Arthurus Özkan
    A track named it "She's Always High" by Arthurus Özkan for more music visit soundcloud.com /arthurus1
  2. Fri, 26 Sep 2014 01:33:42 GMT
    Tower to God (ft. Dominic Hendrikz)
    By Jinx McGee
  3. Mon, 24 Apr 2017 21:16:38 GMT
    By Nodwès
    A mix of hip hop, noise , breaks and dense distorted textures, by Caen's artist Nodwès, classical percussionist, former punk/hardcore drummer, looking for intense and evocative feelings
  4. Tue, 14 Mar 2017 13:19:24 GMT
    As of Yet Untitled #2
    By L. $hamPain
    Songs are sung to be heard -- I think.
  5. Wed, 26 Oct 2016 08:24:00 GMT
    Magnetic Attraction
    By Arthurus Özkan
    A track called "Magnetic Attraction" by Arthurus Ozkan for more tracks visit :soundcloud . com/arthurus1 enjoy
  6. Sun, 20 Nov 2016 11:44:27 GMT
    What Women Do Not Say
    By Giocol
    I live in irpinia and I make a music with a synth.
  7. Tue, 02 Aug 2016 18:56:50 GMT
    Moon Dust - Arthurus
    By Arthurus Özkan
  8. Tue, 21 Jun 2016 00:56:25 GMT
    Trap Card Aizen&Arthurus (Original Mix)
    By Arthurus Özkan
    https://soundcloud.com/arthurus1 please visit :)
  9. Thu, 04 Sep 2014 18:17:31 GMT
    Music and vocals: Christian Engel Mix and Master: Alexander Siebert DEZHAT logo and artwork: Stefan Klaes Watch the music video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jx1jQFsDDkU www.dezhat.com
  10. Thu, 09 Feb 2017 04:38:05 GMT
    Dreamer (Pleasure Turbine Mix)
    By Strange Anthem
    This remix of Dreamer is a teaser track from an upcoming EP – Volume 1 Recut. The track this remix is based on was very much rooted in Industrial Rock. Pleasure Turbine is a reinterpretation in dance, highly influenced by trance, psychedelic-trance, electro-industrial EBM. Written for the dance floor, epic and full of atmosphere; Pleasure Turbine is a track to lose yourself in.
  11. Sun, 05 Feb 2017 21:27:34 GMT
    Ram Sees
    By Faces Together
    Cinematic Theme Song
  12. Sun, 05 Feb 2017 21:26:23 GMT
    Conscious Pilot
    By Faces Together
  13. Wed, 28 Dec 2016 19:17:49 GMT
    By Axhole
  14. Wed, 01 Oct 2014 16:14:44 GMT
    Yudi Watanabe - Bodyshine (original mix)
    By Yudi Watanabe
    My EP available on Beatport. Support me and get your copy here http://www.beatport.com/release/piano-negro-ep/1384563
  15. Sun, 12 Mar 2017 22:59:50 GMT
    By Giuseppe Giannotti
  16. Sat, 07 Jan 2017 04:32:22 GMT
    By Russell
    Anime is cute.
  17. Sun, 18 Dec 2016 14:54:21 GMT
    Night Terrors (Irrational Fear)
    By AdySkank
    "Who attacked our country?"
  18. Tue, 06 Oct 2015 04:27:12 GMT
    Resisting (feat. Karina Nistal)
    By Praktikos
    An electronic-chill track featuring soulful female vocals by Karina Nistal over smooth breakbeats and samples
  19. Wed, 11 Sep 2013 01:29:34 GMT
    Space Traveling
    By Parvata
  20. Thu, 05 Sep 2013 15:43:33 GMT
  21. Sun, 18 Dec 2016 14:59:14 GMT
    Only Words
    By AdySkank
    Charlie Chaplin's speech from "The Great Dictator"
  22. Tue, 01 Mar 2016 22:40:41 GMT
    Field Of Vibration 4
    By Donek
  23. Thu, 13 Feb 2014 22:35:59 GMT
    By Astronaut Jones
  24. Thu, 05 Sep 2013 00:47:37 GMT
    Simultaneously reflective and militant, this track represents the emotional push and pull many of my new compositions currently embody. Hope you enjoy it.